Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club


Meet the Medieval Maidens MC Officers 

Kat *President*

The Medieval Flail
is not as varied as the Mace but it did have some interesting variations.
 The basic concept is a heavy weight that is attached to the end of a handle by a chain.
When this is swung it generates enormous force -much more force than the Mace could deliver.
It also had the added advantage of being able to reach over or around armor and shields.

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Nyx *Vice-President*
The Scimitar was a fast and lightweight middle eastern sword designed to slice the flesh and bone of a lightly 
armored opponent while a Falchio was essentially a battlefield weapon of the conscripted peasantry 
-used with about the same grace as one would use an axe - and with a similar effect, tearing into armor, flesh and bone alike.
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                                                                                                                                                                         Nicole *Sgt at Arms*
                                                                                     The Spanish Tickler (or Cat's Paw).  The Spanish tickler (or Cat's Paw) is a type of torture instrument, consisting of long, 
sharp iron spikes curved so as to resemble claws. It was often attached to a handle, or else used as an extension of the torturer's hand. 
In this way it was used to rip and tear flesh away from the bone, from any part of the body. It was also used as a weapon...
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Jan *Secretary/Treasurer*
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Cathie/Sunshine *Road Captain*

The Mace the Medieval Mace was an armor-fighting weapon that developed from a steel ball
 on a wooden handle to an elaborately spiked steel war club.
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Queenie *Events Coordinator and Ambassador*
Roman Legionnaires Axe Medieval knights had many weapons to choose from. 
Axes are excellent in melee
combat and perfect for battle on a horse. 
It's length and light weight make it versatile for any battle
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Kelli/Zapps *Member*
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Jean *Retired Member*

The Halberd Axe an axe mounted on the end of a large spear. So in effect it is a melding of two different weapons -
 the axe and the spear but it wasn't used for throwing like the spear, just for thrusting.

It was an extremely effective weapon because it was very versatile.
The spear point could be used to keep distance from the enemy and made it capable for foot effective attack mounted soldiers.
The slicing axe blade could cause vicious damage to armor because the halberd could generate very powerful slices with long swings.

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