Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club


Events Coordinator

What I ride: A custom red and purple Trike with a Red Heart gas tank.
How I got into riding:  When I was learning to drive at 16 my dad made me learn how to drive an automatic,
a four on the floor, a shift on the column, and a small motorcycle.  I got the bug. In 2002 I traded my ex husband
for a Harley.  I still have her. It got to a point where I needed more wheels so I decided to go with 3 wheels. Now you wouldn't get me on two wheels for love or money.
What MMMC Means to me: It means being with women who love to ride, not just "every once in a while" all
the time. Knowing, as a group, we all have each others back.  It is the true meaning of sisterhood. Whatever
comes our way "we" can handle it.
What you don't know about me: Not much. You want to know something just ask me.  I am open about
everything, what you see is what you get. If you ask be prepared because it may not be the answer you want.
If I could ride any where I would go: Ireland. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.
My Weapon: Roman Legionnaires Axe: Medieval knights had many weapons to choose from.  Axes are excellent in melee
combat and perfect for battle on a horse.  It's length and light weight make it versatile for any battle.