Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club


 Our Patch
     Lil Princess founded the first ALL female Medieval Maidens Motorcycle Club in Central Valley California on November 4, 2004, with the Central Valley bottom rocker, by walking, learning and acquiring the blessing of all three Red and White Chapters in this area.
     At different times over the course of approximately eight months Lil Princess, by watching her favorite type of old renaissance themed movies, heard the names *Medieval* and *Maiden*. They both fit the theme she was searching for and both started with the letter *M*.
     Moreover, the name *Medieval Maidens* represent a warrior culture truthfully befitting her passions and beliefs.
1313 LOGO
     The name for Medieval Maidens stemmed from the love of her children, Michelle Marie and Mark, both born on the thirteenth day of different months. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is the letter *M*.
     It was Lil Princess' desire to have a Club with the letters MM for her beloved daughter representing the logo 1313.
Patch & Design
     The design of the patch incorporates both the colors Purple and Silver displaying a Medieval female warrior holding a Sword. Siren drew the image of the medieval Maiden from a description given to her by Lil Princess as seen in one of the old movies LP loves so much.
     Lil Princess was given approval to form her Club in the Central Valley whereas she approached the subject of a three patch. Two of the three Red and White Chapters within the Central Valley approved the three-piece patch but one determined she must earn it. In less than two years, all three Chapters recently approved Lil Princess and her Club to wear the Three-Piece Patch, which is undergoing a possible new design already silk-screened on the Support Shirts.
Purple Represents Royalty. Purple is a mysterious color, Purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Royalty and people of authority or high rank wore Purple Robes.

Silver often symbolizes riches but also imparts a feeling or ornate riches. Sliver can be glamorous and distinguished.

 Black being a dark color meaning to the DEATH!