Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club



                                                      Vice President



                                 Name What I ride:

 I Learned to ride on a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I
bought the bike brand new and rode it for a few years before buying a
HD Dyna. My newest obsession is a 2018 Softail…

                                 How I got into riding:

I think that I was just born that way. At Age 4 I have a cert
ificate of
completion for Yamaha safety c
ourse…. a Football
helmet and my big wheels…
and o
ff I would go… Age 15 No Tige
r Beat for me… Dave Mann Centerfolds
covered my wa

Dreams of Riding across the country filled my mind…

                             What MMMC means to me:

If you have to ask you wouldn't understand.

                            What people don't know about me:

Well It is all on a need to know basis

                             If I could go anywhere, I would go:

This week it would be New Zealand.. but ask me next week and Im sure I will have changed my mind
                          My weapon is:  a Crossbow -  I choose my personal weapon because:

It combines the stealth of the bow with the mechanics and accuracy of a pistol. What more could a girl want.