Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club




                                     Nicole "Sgt at Arms" 




What I Ride:

*I currently ride a 2017 Victory Magnum motorcycle.

How I got into riding:

*Growing up I spent a lot of time as a passenger on my Dad's bike, then on boyfriends.  I decided to get my license so I could ride my own.   I started with a ninja 500.  I moved on to cruiser bikes with a 1200 sportster.  Traded that in for a heritage softail, but was still looking for something more and ended up loving the victory magnum.

What MMMC means to me:

*The MMMC means that I am a part of a growing sisterhood linked together by the common interest of riding motorcycles.

What don't people know about me: 

*I am a karaoke superstar when I am alone.

If I could ride anywhere I would go to:

*Australia.  It is one country I have always wanted to visit and what better way to see everything but on a bike.

I choose my personal weapon because:

*The Spanish Tickler (or Cat's Paw) is a powerful, dangerous and lethal feline oriented weapon that reminds me of a tiger's paw. I chose this weapon because I have an immense affection for big cats. The Spanish Tickler (or Cat's Paw) is a torture device so sharp and cleverly designed that bones and flesh will not get in its way. The Cat’s Paw was a 3 pronged device that shredded through human flesh. The Spanish Tickler was a 4 pronged device very similar to the Cat's Paw. This device was commonly used on thieves and unfaithful wives. Most who were tortured in this manner died not at the time, but afterwards. Especially with the Cat’s Paw, the device would cause infections as the device would cut so deep. The prongs were nearly never washed, so the chances of these infections were very high. Often the device was placed on the end of a long stick, and torn down the persons back (although it was not limited to the back) as they were hung up by the wrists.