Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club


In Memory of 
Charter Member & Sergeant at Arms  MMMC CV, AZ
June 30, 1953 ~ August 8, 2009

In Paulr's Words

What I ride:
I ride a Red & Black 2004 Victory Vegas.
When I was (researching) buying a new bike,
 nothing ever caught my eye,
then Arlen Ness teamed up with Victory to add his
stream line custom bike from paint to chrome.
92 Cubic Inches!
YEA BABY!!! That's what I'm talking about!
These bike's (Victory) will run up hill all day & cry for more.
bike. It NEVER breaks down.

How I got into riding: 
My ex husband wanted me to learn how to ride,
 so I tried it on my own & I was hooked,
Of Course! I do enjoy
being a passenger once in awhile.

What don't people know about me:
If I told you, I would have to KILL you...:)


How do you put into words what a person means to you? How do you make people understand the emptiness that is felt at their passing?
For the Medieval Maidens MC it is not truly possible to put into words what Paulr meant to us but out of pure respect and admiration for a truly inspirational Person, Woman and Biker - We will share with you some of our thoughts and memories of PaulR Hinckley, a Retired Charter Member and Sergeant-At-Arms of the MMMC CV, AZ...
There is no denying that PaulR is an icon in the Arizona biker community. She was a pioneering advocate for all biker rights and issues in this state long before the Medieval Maidens MC existed. 
When Kat came to Arizona back in 2005 with the vision to start an all woman’s 3 piece patch motorcycle club, PaulR was a driving force behind that mission and was one of the key people who stood up in front of the ACMC to start the Maiden’s walk.

PaulR was a dedicated, devoted, hard-working, fearless member of the MMMC CV, AZ. She campaigned tirelessly for her club and she was liked, as well as respected, not only because she was a club member but for the respect she gave to those around her especially other club members and not just her own.
PaulR was a spit-fire, full of life, feisty, fun and funny! Her loyalty to her family and friends knew no boundaries. If you ever needed help, money, taking care of kids, some one to go to court with you, anything? Paulr was there; she was always ready and willing to give her helping hands.
And PaulR loved a good party! Runs, birthdays, lingerie parties - you name it! PaulR was there and with her signature glitter and toy phallus too! She was always playing practical jokes or just laughing with everyone over stories and life.
But PaulR’s truest passion was for riding. She was a true-blue, die-hard biker and you knew when PaulR was around because her signature 2004 Red Victory Vegas was unmistakably PaulR! She loved her bike and the open road; and she was never to proud to let you know who she was and what she stood for… she wore her heart on her sleeve.
PaulR was many things to many people and it is with heavy hearts but many happy-crazy memories that the Medieval Maidens MC bid farewell to a Legendary Woman Biker.
Rest well PaulR, you will live on in our hearts always and you will never be forgotten. We are and will remain Sisters Forever. MMFFMM.
Much Love and Respect,