Medieval  Maidens Motorcycle Club


Kat ~ President



What I ride:
  As of May 3rd, 2008, I ride a 2008 Victory Kingpin. I had been looking at Victory's since 2002.  I lived about a mile from Arlen Ness's Dealership in Dublin, CA since he built there.  I use to visit a lot, until my husband, Paul, coaxed me to "just try it".  They sell themselves. The ride, the smoothness, the style, the noise (with the right pipes), the easy maintenance (even I can do it), the handling, and the POWER.  It was all I needed, BUT I was a Harley girl.  I have had a Sportster and rode Paul's Soft Tail a lot.  I was never going to switch. Well, just seeing Sonny get his Victory Vision was enough for me.  I figured if he can ride a Victory, so can I.  Bought it the next month.  Actually bought two Victory's.  Paul bought the Victory Vision and I got the Kingpin. Ran it through the gears, got to 120 mph in seconds and the rest will be history.  I have put 3000 miles on it in 3 months. Not my normal, but it's been extremely hot. Usually, I would have about 5000. Ride safe and enjoy the ride. Cya on the road!

 How I got into riding:
 First. let me tell you.  My whole life I was "forbidden" to get on a motorcycle. Having five brothers who were always looking out for me and a father who was over protective, I never got away with much.  But after a 22 year marriage and 5 children later, I hooked up with Paul in 1999.  He has always been riding. I started on the back of his bike.  Loved it from the start.  I started hangin out with a girl that was walking with a Women's MC who kept telling me to get my own bike.  One night, at 1:20 am, Paul and I got into an accident (no ones fault, just being in wrong place at wrong time).  I broke my tail bone, got lots of road rash, and a huge black eye and Paul was much worse ($85,000 in medical bills between us and we never stayed overnight at a hospital). My father came to the hospital I had been taken to, and said it again, "I thought I had forbidden you to get on a motorcycle?"  I laughed and told him I was not going to get on the back anymore, but I was going to learn to ride and get my own.  He shook his head, threw up his hands and said, "I give up!".  I took my motorcycle class 2 months later on Mother's Day weekend.  My trainers stated, "your husband is going to be sorry he encouraged you taking the class. You will never get off a bike".  They were right. I bought my bike a month later, June 19th. I rode everywhere and could never be found.  People would call up Paul and he would have to say, "she's out riding".  The rest is history!

What MMMC Means to me:
  The Medieval Maidens MC CV I, AZ has been a dream since its inception back in CA.  My first experience with a Women's MC was difficult and very tumultuous.  That was a long walk and had many lessons for me to learn from.  When Medieval Maidens MC CV, CA was forming, I was trying to feel my way back and simultaneously going through a terrible divorce.  It was "Hell", to say the least.  In Feb, 2005 Paul and I decided to move to Arizona.  The CA MMMC were on their way and I asked permission to try to start a charter of MMMC in AZ. I got their blessings and support.  Having never gotten along well with women (I am such a tomboy and so independant) I was wary of such a huge undertaking.  But, as the months passed, I connected with some awesome, incredible women who also wanted to dream the dream with me.  I am so committed, proud, and very excited that MMMC has broken ground, earned their place here, and made history in AZ as the 1st Women's MC (three piece patch) ever to be voted into the ACMC.  Its meaning is beyond words as I constantly "pinch" myself to make sure it's real.  I hope and pray that MMMC CV, AZ continues to make history, be the best it can be, and grows (quality being first and foremost) into a Motorcylce Club that is respected and looked at as a leader for women riders as it continues to promote, educate, advocate and support this community of Motorcyclists. Make a difference!

What people Don't know about me:  
   Nothing.  Everyone knows me like a book because I talk a lot about my life and family all the time, give my opinions and thoughts, even when not asked, and say what I think and feel.  Oh yeah, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am real and down to earth. You get what you see.  Got to love it!

If I could ride anywhere, I would go:
 Everywhere and Anywhere!  On my bike, 24/7. I never get tired of riding and I want to see it ALL. Wish I could afford that. Wishing on a star!

I choose my personal weapon because:
    I choose The Flail because it has enornous force and you can take out your opponent in one swoop of this weapon.  It did not get a lot of attention in Medieval Times because The Sword was the weapon of choice.  I like to be unconventional and different, so it makes sense I would choose it.  Aaaarrrrrgggggg!