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What I ride:
     I ride a 2005 Harley- Davidson  FXST Softail Standard.  I bought it brand new.  This was a big difference from what I rode before.  My first bike was a 2001 Harley- Davidson 1200S Sportster.  Need I say any more!….  I liked my Sportster but those of you who went from a small bike to a bigger one know what I mean.

 How I got into riding:
     I started out riding as a passenger with friends.  Most all of my friends rode together as husband and wife or girlfriend.  I decided to get my own motorcycle license.  I went to motorcycle riding class with 4 other girlfriends.  We all passed (of course).  Little did I know where this journey would take me.  This was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

What  MMMC mean to me:
     To me it’s all about riding and having fun with the people you ride with.  Having something in common that we love.  Riding together is that great feeling you get and are reminded of each time we all go together as a club.  It is an honor to be a Charter Member of the Medieval Maidens MC CV I , which is the first women’s motorcycle club in Arizona. We are members of the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs.

What don’t people know about me:
     I like to draw.  My father was a cartoonist.  Luckily I inherited some of his talent.  At least that’s what they tell me……

I choose my personal weapon because:
     I choose the Halberd Axe because of its versatility of use. This weapon was used if you were on the ground fighting or on your horse. It’s always better to have more than one choice of use in case the first one didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!