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Unity Freedom Ride

The Maidens have been working hard to continue our mission to Promote, Educate, Support and Advocate women riders in Az specifically but also reach out to women riders in the USA and Internationally...
keeping this in mind.....

We hope to collaborate with other women riders to plan a "Ladies Ride" that would empower women to get on their bikes/trikes and head cross country to Washington DC...Women Riders on the West coast would meet in one spot and start East connecting with other Women Riders who would join the route along the way in an effort to show up in Washington DC to Advocate and Promote bikers rights in a positive,
non-intimidating and lawful manner...

The goal here is to create awareness, solidarity, and breakdown the barriers of the stereotypical "BIKERS" while at the same time show Washington DC that Motorcyclists are a diverse and united group of constituents which encompass many different demographic markers like age, religion, race, color, etc...The commonality here is that we are PASSIONATE about our bikes/trikes, riding free throughout this beautiful Country, The United States of America...and WE want to

The time is right to put something like this in motion NOW...if we continue to wait we might not have the FREEDOM to do so...this is just one ride, one vision, one journey...but this would be the EXPERIENCE of a LIFETIME...

Planning this Event takes time and we would like to start hearing from women who would consider this opportunity to Ride for Freedom!!!!!! Please sign our guest book and let us know what you think...I am a strong believer in Dreams and the Strength of Women...I also believe in 'Making a Difference" when the opportunity arises...just the thought of riding cross country with other Women Riders with a purpose and mission gives me great PRIDE in being one more...WOMAN RIDER...

Have a great time on the website....any suggestions please let us know....any disrespect or negative response should be kept to yourself....we are NOT looking for CONFLICT OR DRAMA!!!!!

Respects to all,
Kat President

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